From FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson
via Minette Quick, Hon. Secretary of the Circle of Brigid, Ireland
Received April 10, 2011

The Following Global Sites:
Circle of Isis (Fellowship of Isis Central)
Fellowship of Isis Homepage Archive
FOI Germany
Star of Elen

Are Authorized To:
1. Publish the Fellowship of Isis Liturgy
2. Publish all of Olivia Robertson's writings
3. Publish all of Olivia's recordings (as liturgy tapes, CDs)
4. FOI manuals and handbook
5. Excerpts from Lawrence Durdin-Robertson's work

From Olivia Robertson, 16/4/11.
"Copyright in usual legal terms belongs to any Global Site that publishes FOI material in print form, this includes translation. Royalties 10% go to Olivia Robertson for FOI expenses. On her decease the Royalties go to the publishers."

the Charter beneath Olivia gave to RT.Rev. Linda Iles, AU for

copyright  legitimation